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In Turkish Islamic History Ertugrul Ghazi was a brave worrier. His father was Suleyman Shah (Leader of Kayi Tribe). Mother was Hayme Hatun, who was strong women. And his wife name was Halime Sultan.

Ertugrul Ghazi is called father of Ottoman Empire. Because he started journey to build a strong empire and his son Osman Ghazi succeeded.

Famous Ertugrul Ghazi Quotes in English

Take a look at our collection of famous Ertgrul Ghazi quotes in English. These Ertugrul quotes will motivate you in your life. And you can share them on social media with Ertagrul Ghazi images.

1. Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.

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2. Only those who dream big can walk forward in the road of victory.

3. One who has no dreams, has no future.

4. The real Hero is one who knows how to rise when he falls down.

5. Do not grieve. There is a door of hope in every moment of life that didn’t end.

6. The seed which is not willing to let its shell rot, cannot bear fruits.

7. Do not try to ride a Horse you cannot control.

8. Patience is the cure for every trouble.

Ertugrul Ghazi quotes

9. Doubting yourself means hopelessness. And hopelessness is a sin.

10. The Strength of our enemy is a sign of our bravery.

11. What is in our hearts, we will reveal by our words and our deeds.

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Ertugrul Motivational Quotes

Dirilis Ertugrul Drama is based on Ertugrul Ghazi. This drama is also known as Resurrection Ertugrul. Here we collected some best Ertugrul motivational quotes in English.

12. We rather die than gain a home by betrayal.

13. If we are thankful for what we have, our hearts will find peace.

14. If your heart is pure, it cannot be influenced by any evil of the world.

15. You can identify the brave during battle and good friends with their advice.

16. Hasty decision are always harmful.

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18. We prefer to win one heart rather than a thousand castle.

17. Don’t despair of God’s mercy.

19. Remember hunters never starve.

20. Hunting is an excuse to keep fighters alive.

21. It is harder to live bravely than to die bravely. We will do the harder of the two.

22. Numbers are not needed when fighting on the side of truth.

23. Truth will always prevail over falsehood.

24. The oppression of enemies will make our victory more glorious.

25. I would rather be the lone solder of justice than the sultan of the world.

Islamic quotes from Ertugrul Ghazi

Ertugrul Ghazi was the leader of his tribe and fought many wars. From his life, we can clearly understand how he followed the path of Islam. Here we share Islamic quotes from Ertugrul Ghazi. You can use them as Instagram captions.

26. As long as we follow Allah’s path, nobody can bring us to our knees.

27. Even if the whole world is against you, you must have the faith that Allah is with you.

28. When remembrance of Allah is done, iron also become wax.

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29. God sees everything and he is aware of your sacrifice.

30. We live to spread justice of God.

31. The most powerful conqueror on Earth is justice.

32. Those who are on the side of the Almighty He will never leave them alone.

33. We All came from God, and we will return to Him.

34. Existence is a school. Everyone is a student. God is the only teacher.

35. Do you think you can scare me? I have one life and that belongs to God.

Ertugrul Islamic Quotes

Read Ertugrul Islamic quotes and inspire yourself to follow the path of Allah. Ertugrul quotes are enough to motivate you to change your mind. Don’t forget to share these quotes with your friends.

36. We don’t ask mercy from anyone except God, even if we are facing death.

37. Slander only makes a brave warrior tougher and strengths his fate.

38. A homeland is grace from God and saying thanks makes it last.

39. United we rise. Divided we fall.

40. I have only one life that belongs to Allah.

41. There isn’t a tree without worm, or a brave man without enemy.

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42. Let the enemies be strong so that our courage will be tested.

43. Despair is forbidden to us. We were commanded not to despair of the mercy of Allah.

44. Honesty is a heavy burden who can’t pull it off will be crushed under it.

45. The stare of a warrior is mightier than the sword of coward.

46. If you are pursuing your goal, you have to make sacrifices.

47. Every dark knight has a divine morning.

48. Speech is silver but silence is gold.

49. One cannot save a secret cannot save anybody.

50. There’s two powers in this world, sword and wisdom. But there isn’t any sword invented that can beat wisdom.

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Ertugrul and Halime Sultan Quotes

Here we share Ertugrul and Halime love quotes with images. You can use them as captions and DPs for social media. Let’s read Ertugrul Halime Sultan’s quotes in English.

51. Be the sultan of my heart, the mother of my children and my companion till the end.

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52. You are like the moon who enlightens my night.

53. You are my other half. You are my life that our Lord had bestowed upon me.

54. Love can kill us from within and also bring us life to back.

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55. My heart will beat for you until my last breath.

56. I have life left to further our cause, see our children grow and grow old with you.

57. Love gentles and soothes loving hearts.

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58. You’re my love, the throne of my heart.

59. May the sun not burn your skin, may the rain not make you cold, may not rock touch your feet, go like water return like water.

60. I may be the one who enlightens your night but I receive my light from you.

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