Best Hazrat Ali Quotes in English, Hindi, Bengali with Images

Are you looking for Hazrat Ali quotes in English, Hindi, or Bengali? In this article you will find Imam Ali’s quotes on love, knowledge, and friendship. His words are motivational to any generation and even non-Muslim.

Hazrat Ali’s full name is Ali ibn Abi Talib. He was the cousin and companion of Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W). Hazrat Ali (R.A) regarded as first young man who accepted Islam by Muhammad (Saw).

Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

Take a look at our collection of Hazrat Ali quotes in English. Hazrat Ali (R.A) was the fourth Rashidun Caliph between 656 and 661 CE. Imam Ali’s quotes are motivational and inspirational. Scroll down to read them.

1. The richest of the rich is one who is not a prisoner to greed.

Hazrat Ali Quotes in English

2. The tongue is like a lion. if you let it loose, it will wound someone. 

3. Forgiveness is the best revenge.

4. Don’t follow majority follow the truth.

5. Anger is like a ball of fire, but if you swallow it, it’s sweeter than honey.

6. Do not become a slave of your desires.

7. If someone hurts you then don’t be upset, as it’s the law of nature that the trees with the sweetest fruits are beaten the most. – Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)

8. Fear God and you will have no cause to fear anyone.

9. Wealth and greed are the roots of all evils.

10. When proven wrong, the wise corrects himself & ignorant argues.

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Imam Ali Quotes in English

11. Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all, it is only in the darkest nights that the stars shine more brilliantly.

12. It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred.

13. He who is aware of his own faults is oblivious of the faults of others.

14. Don’t go there, where you don’t have respect. Even they serve you food in gold plates and silver spoons.

Imam Ali Quotes in English

15. A wise man first thinks and then speaks and a fool speaks first and then thinks.

16. The tongue of a wise man lies behind his heart.

17. Treat people the way you want to be treated.

18. Beautiful people are not always good, but good people are always beautiful.

19. The worst sin is that which the sinner takes lightly.

20. Meet people in such a manner that if you die, they should weep for you and if you live, they should long for you.

Imam Ali Quotes on knowledge

21. Knowledge gives life to the soul.

22. Knowledge creates fear of God.

23. Practice makes knowledge perfect.

24. Books are gardens of the knowledgeable.

25. As intelligence increases, speech decreases.

26. The best knowledge is that which benefits the listener

27. Knowledge and practice are twins, and both go together. There is no knowledge without practice, and no practice without knowledge.

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Hazrat Ali quotes about friendship

28. A wise enemy is better than a foolish friend.

29. “Don’t develop a friendship with the enemy of your friend; otherwise, your friend will turn into an enemy.” Ali Ibn Abi Talib (RA)

30. A friend cannot be considered a friend unless he is tested on three occasions: in time of need, behind your back and after your death.

31. The Poor is one who does not have any friend.

32. A friend is like a patch, so choose a matching friend.

33. True friends are single soul different between different bodies.

Imam Ali Quotes on patience

34. One, who adopts patience, will never be deprived of success though it may take a long time to reach him.

35. Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing and your attitude when you have everything.

36. One who cannot benefit by patience will die in grief.

37. Through patience, great things are accomplished.

38. Have patience and do not let your desires drive you madly.

39. If Allah is making you wait, then be prepared to receive more than what you asked for.

Hazrat Ali quotes on love

40. When words come from the love of anyone, they find a place in the heart of another.

41. It is easier to turn a mountain into dust than to create love in a heart that is filled with hatred.

42. If you like somebody, Ask God to give them to you. If you still don’t get them, know that somebody else asked God for you.

43. There is no rest for the person who has envy, and there is no love for the person who has bad manners.

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Imam Ali Quotes on Life

44. When you succeed be Humble.

45. Let go of anything that brings you stress and sorrow.

46. The moment you start arguing with an ignorant fool, you have already lost.

47. Smile even if your heart is dripping blood.

48.  Don’t show pleasure in somebody’s downfall, for you have no knowledge of what the future holds in store for you.

49. The best deed of a great man is to forgive and forget.

50.  Do not try to run after him who tries to avoid you.

Imam Ali quotes on Trust

Imam Ali’s trust quotes are worth reading. We can know the value of trust and whom to trust or not. You will definitely gain knowledge after reading the below quotes by Hazrat Ali.

51. Whoever leaves his matter to God, He resolves it.

52. Everything comes at its appointed time.

53. Shower all your love on your friend, but do not shower all of your trust on him.

Imam Ali quotes on Trust

54. He who trust the world, the world betrays him.

55. Do not betray anyone who places his trust in you, even he betrays you. And do not disclose his secrets, even he discloses yours.

Hazrat Ali Quotes in Hindi

Above, we shared Imam Ali quotes in English. For our Hindi readers, we also collected Hazrat Ali’s quotes in Hindi. Here are some of the most famous quotes that will inspire you. Have a good read.

56.  शिष्टाचार अच्छा व्यवहार करने में कुछ खर्च नहीं होता, पर यह सबकुछ खरीद सकता है….

57.  सोने और चांदी की हिफाज़त करने के बजाए, अपनी जबान की हिफाज़त करो…

58.  महान व्यक्ति का सबसे अच्छा काम होता है, माफ़ कर देना और भुला देना…

Hazrat Ali Quotes in Hindi

59. निश्चित रूप से ख़ामोशी, कभी कभी भावपूर्ण जवाब हो सकती है.

60.  सूरत और सीरत (चरित्र) में सबसे बड़ा फर्क ये हैं की सूरत धोखा देती है जबकि सीरत पहचान करवाती है.

61. किसी की बेबसी पे मत हंसो ये वक़्त तुम पे भी आ सकता है..

62.  जो इनसान सजदो मे रोता है, उसे तक़दीर पर रोना नहीं पड़ता..

63. झूठ बोलकर जीतने से बेहतर है सच बोलकर हार जाओ…

64. Daulat Milne Par Log Badalte Nahi, Balki Be-Naqaab Hote Hai.

65. Insan Zindagi Se Mayoos Ho To Kamyabi Bhi Naakami Nazar Aati Hai.

66. Wo Log kisi k Nahi hote Jo Dost or Rishty ko”Libas” ki tarha badalte hain.

67. Mujhe Wo Dost Pasand Hai Jo Mehfil Me Meri Ghalatiyan Chupaye Or Tanhai Me Meri Ghalatiyon Par Tanqeed Kare.

68. Log Tumhari Aqal Se Tumhari Shaksiyat Ka Wazan Karte Hai. Lehaaza Tum Apni Aqal Ka Wazan Ilm Se Badhao.

69. Insan Zuban k parde me Chupa hai.

Hazrat Ali quotes in Bengali | আলী রাঃ এর উক্তি

Ali (R.A) quotes (আলী রাঃ এর উক্তি) are well-known throughout the world. People search for Imam Ali quotes in various languages. In this article we also tried to cover different languages. So here we share Hazrat Ali quotes in Bengali.

70. সব দুঃখের মূল এই দুনিয়ার প্রতি অত্তাধিক আকর্ষণ।

71. ছোট পাপকে ছোট বলিয়া অবহেলা করিও না, ছোটদের সমষ্টিই বড় হয়।

72. জ্ঞান ও বুদ্ধিমত্তা যত বাড়বে, বক্তব্য তত কমবে ।

73. স্বাস্থ্যের চাইতে বড় সম্পদ এবং অল্পে তুষ্টির চাইতে বড় সুখ আর কিছু নেই।

74. নীচ লোকের প্রধান হাতিয়ার হচ্ছে অশ্লীল বাক্য।

75. বড়দের সম্মান কর, ছোটরা তোমাকে সম্মান করবে।

76. বুদ্ধিমান লোক নিজে নত হয়ে বড় হয়, আর নির্বোধ ব্যক্তি নিজেকে বড় বলে অপদস্ত হয়।

77. তুমি পানির মত হতে চেষ্টা কর, যে কিনা নিজের চলার পথ নিজেই তৈরী করে নেয় ।পাথরের মত হয়োনা, যে নিজে অন্যের পথরোধ করে |

78. অল্প দান করতে কখনো লজ্জিত হইও না,কারণ অভাবীকে ফিরিয়ে দেয়া তার থেকে বেশী লজ্জার।

79. আল্লাহ্ যখন তোমাকে স্বাধীন বানিয়েছেন তখন তুমি অন্যের গোলাম হয়ো না।

Hazrat Ali quotes Bangla

80. বন্ধুত্ব করার মত কোন যোগ্যলোক পাওয়া না গেলেও অযোগ্যদের সাথে বন্ধুত্ব করতে যেও না।

হযরত আলীর বাণী

81. দ্রুত ক্ষমা করে দেয়া সম্মান বয়ে আনে আর দ্রুত প্রতিশোধ পরায়ণতা অসম্মান বয়ে আনে ।

82. দুনিয়াতে সব চেয়ে কঠিন কাজহচ্ছে নিজেকে সংশোধন করা আর সব চেয়ে সহজ কাজ হচ্ছে অন্যের সমালোচনা করা।

83. ভয় কর আল্লাহ (পাক) কে তাহলে তোমাকে আর কাউকে ভয় করতে হবে না।

84. পুণ্য অর্জন অপেক্ষা পাপ বর্জন শ্রেষ্ঠতর ।

85. ক্ষুধার দায়ে কেউ যদি রুটি চুরি করে তবে চোরের হাত নয়, রাষ্ট্রপ্রধানের হাত কেটে দাও!!

86. অনুশোচনা খারাপ কাজকে বিলুপ্ত করে আর অহংকার ভালো কাজকে ধ্বংস করে।

আলী রাঃ এর উক্তি

87. মানুষের কিসের এত অহংকার, যার শুরু একফোটা রক্তবিন্দু দিয়ে আর শেষ হয় মৃত্তিকায়।

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These were the best Hazrat Ali Quotes in English, Hindi, and Bengali. We hope you enjoyed reading the quotes by Imam Ali. Stay with QuotesReady to read new quotes, statuses, and captions.

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